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There are over 3000 different types of cockroach species found in the world, based on the region they live in. Some of these are known to be pests while others are beneficial for the environment. Pest cockroaches such as German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches and Brown-banded cockroaches are known to be carriers of various dreadful diseases. However, out of all these forms, German cockroaches are found in abundance in Doha, Qatar. American cockroaches can also be spotted, but they are rarely found in The United Arab Emirates.
Common to the most species of cockroaches is that they can live in any type of environmental conditions but they prefer living in warm places and around human habitation. They are nocturnal pests, who hide at daytime and emerge during nights in search of food.
Let’s have a look at some most commonly found cockroaches:-

GERMAN COCKROACHES (Blattellagermanica)

Among all the species of pest cockroaches, German cockroaches are the most successful one. They are almost omnipresent and can be found in any part of the world. Due to their abundance and widespread distribution, they are sometimes also referred to as urban pests. They are usually found in houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and other institutions. However, this is not true for Doha but also throughout the world and in most civilized regions. German cockroaches are very difficult to handle and control. One of the reasons for their persistence is their high capability of multiplication. They produce a large number of eggs per capsule and have the shortest time between hatching and maturity, thus resulting in rapid cockroach colonies. Numbers of nymphs hatch successfully due to the fact that their females are responsible for carrying egg capsule during all stages of developing embryos within the eggs. Also, German cockroaches are smaller in size as compared to other species, so they can easily conceal in many areas which are not accessible by humans.
Therefore, it is vital for businesses to control these pests once detected and eliminated at early stages without letting them injuring your reputation.

AMERICAN COCKROACHES (PeriplanetaAmericana)

Unlike German cockroaches, American cockroaches are large in size. Despite the name, these cockroaches are not native to America but were shipped to America from Africa in early 17th century. Like German cockroaches, American cockroaches are also usually found in large and commercial buildings such as restaurants, food stores, bakeries, and any place where food is prepared and stored. They are rarely found in houses but they may increase in number after heavy rains.
American cockroaches have spread to the entire world due to better transportation and commerce. In contrast to German cockroaches, these species love to live in moist areas and are therefore found underground in basements, manholes, sewers, steam tunnels and drainage systems. They also possess a good multiplicative capacity and, therefore, can develop in enormous numbers.
American cockroaches are also knowns as “palmetto bugs” or “water bugs” or “flying water-bugs”. However, they are not truly aquatic and can only fly after a certain temperature. They have the capacity to live for two to three months without food, a month without water, and can easily survive extreme temperatures.

ORIENTAL COCKROACHES (Blatta orientalis) Known to be the dirtiest of all cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches got their name from trade ships. They are native to Africa, but due to easy transportation services and commerce, they have spread over the large part of the world. In contrary to other species of cockroaches, they are large and darkest in size and colour respectively. They are known to be the inhabitants of very dirty places and are therefore usually found in drains and sewer pipes. An Oriental cockroach is also the carrier of various dreadful diseases and is also known to create a strong foul odour.


Brown-banded cockroaches are named so because of the presence of two light bands on their dark brown bodies.Brown-banded cockroach is known to be the smallest in the family. German cockroaches and brown-banded cockroaches are almost same as far as size is considered. These cockroaches, however, require less quantity of moisture and can therefore easily dwell in living rooms and bedrooms. Like other cockroaches, they hide during the day and emerge at night for feeding on food. One of the striking features of this cockroach is that they often hide in their own eggs under furniture. Among all the types discussed here, German cockroaches are widely found in Doha.