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We are all aware of this great old phrase “waiter, there is a bug in my coffee” aren’t we? Well for a business owner this is the most frantic comment that he may receive from his/her customers. Reputation is the most important asset of any business, if harmed the entire enterprise gets affected. There are myriads of ways a cockroach can harm your business ranging from profit loss to reputation and from lower employee morale to facing a legal action. Let’s have a look at some of the ways these offensive pests can be a threat and see how they impact your business.


Have you ever heard someone proudly saying about their cockroach infestation? Well, No! May be when you hear that you won’t prefer to eat there after that or you won’t be going there again. Any business that deals with customers, harm in reputation is the most impactful effect a pest like cockroach can have on your business. A customer with negative experience can create a scene that attacks your reputation.In current times of instant information retrieval, a word of negative feedback from a customer can spread to masses via online mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through other networking sites or even in evening news. The most hurtful thing for your business is that these are recorded accounts and negative statements about your service will last for infinite times and your business name will be attached to it in thousands of ways.
Therefore, it is vital for businesses to control these pests once detected and eliminated at early stages without letting them injuring your reputation.


Apart from hurting your reputation,cockroach infestation can lead to demoralization of your employees and that can surely disturb your entire workplace. These pests have an acute habit of roaming through the floor in rest rooms and it becomes extremely disturbing for someone having lunch. When employees get demoralised it gets very difficult to motivate them to work which ultimately leads to downpour of productivity and sales. To avoid this type of situation in your business, it is better to put in place effective measures for cockroach control as it can highly affect your productivity level if kept unchecked.


Cockroaches are well known vectors of diseases. Cockroach infestation exposes you, your staff and your clients to multitudes of diseases having strenuous names and horrifying symptoms. This is a physical threat that cockroach infestation poses affecting health of your staff and productivity. Cockroach infestation can affect your business in many ways.

  • An increase in employee sick leaves
  • Rescheduling or cancelling of important meetings with clients that leads to loss of opportunities.
  • Customers whose health gets affected will talk bad about your business and services.
  • Disturbed and lazy workplace due to sick employees.

MEDIA RESPONSE When press catches a word about the presence of these mucky pests in your products, they take an advantage of it and respond instantaneously. This powerful media of information spreads fast and that can invoke government authorities to inspect your products.


After huge media cry about your products and services, inspection of your products will be undertaken. In case your products fail the test and evidence of cockroach is found in them, it can lead to many drastic consequences for your business.
In addition to the above effects, there are countless ways through which pests can affect your business, but you get the point, right? If you have cockroach infestation in your business, take an action now. You have worked so hard to build up your business; don’t let cockroaches harm your reputation and brand image.