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How Mosquitoes Work?

Mosquitoes are probably among very few creatures about which various poems and stories have been written. Their itchy and painful bites can ruin a backyard barbecue party or an outing with friends. However, the encounter scenes are very common in warm summer days, especially in The United Arab Emirates.

Mosquitoes are Supernatural!

You hear a buzz, plan a murder and you lose. Mosquitos have an eerie ability that can sense the murderous intentions. They disappear within seconds before you actually hit or crush them. Moments later, they appear again and bite you. This is probably due to the fact that mosquitoes have been around for more than 300 million years. This uncanny expertise is, therefore, a result of years of continually developing skills. They are known to have an array of sensors that give them an edge in tracking their prey. They have chemical, visual and heat sensors.

Chemical sensors: -

Mosquitoes make use of chemical sensors that helps them in sensing carbon dioxide and lactic acid that is metres away (36 metres). Humans like other mammals breathe out carbon dioxide as a part of the process of respiration. There are certain chemicals present in sweat that are known to be mosquito attracting. Therefore, people who don’t sweat much are less likely to get bites than the one who sweats more.

Visual sensors: -

Like chemical sensing property, mosquitos have a good sense of vision. Visual sensors make it easy for mosquitoes to search and detect a prey. Also, it seems that mosquitoes tend to spot dark colours easily than others. In case you are wearing a cloth that contrasts the background, a mosquito will detect you very quickly. The reason for detecting dark colours quickly than others is perhaps due to the fact that darker surfaces absorb more heat. However, size also matters; those who are tall and obese are more vulnerable to bites compared to petite.

Heat and humidity sensors: -

Mosquitos have sensors that can detect heat. These sensors help them in detecting warm blooded mammals and birds as they get close to them. Once they get close to their hosts, they can recognize body heat and moisture on skin. People with higher body temperature are more vulnerable to bites than those who are currently inactive (physically). The combination of these sensors and with many other tools makes them less like an insect and more of a fighter jet. They thus are well armed to find you wherever you are.

We can help in fighting!

Mosquitos are known to be vectors of various diseases and virus, Zika is the latest in the list. Aedes aegypti is responsible for spreading this deadly virus throughout the world. An early inspection and control is therefore required to prevent the spread of diseases.

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