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Getting Rid Of Bedbugs

Gone are the days when bed bugs were just a matter of a hand squash or a gentle whisk of a stick or a feather. Now that the population and civilization has increased, neither the essential oils, nor the ointments will be effective anymore. Some major steps need to be taken to completely get rid of this nuisance. But first of all one must confirm that the bite is that of a bed bug.


It should be noted that bed bug bites are not felt at the time of the actual bite. For about ten minutes, the bite is not detected. Reactions to bed bug bites differ from person to person. Some lucky ones never have a reaction. Others may have an itching and develop welts at the spot of the bite in a straight line. On a few unfortunate skins, boils may occur followed by a severe allergy. Note that scratching is not recommended in these cases as that may lead to more areas getting infected.


If you prevent it, then you don’t need to find a cure for it. Be vigilant , take care of your surroundings. Here are some necessary preventions tips to ensure riddance from bedbugs:-

  • Before you take a seat in the public, e.g., seats in local transport, furniture in a park, theatre seats, restaurant seats, clubs, carefully examine it. After leaving these places, give yourself a quick look to check if there are any hitchhikers travelling with you.
  • Keep your personal surroundings clean. Your workplace, your bedding, your wardrobes and lockers are the places that you are in regular contact with. Keeping these clean is very critical.
  • Keep your clothes clean. Don’t forget that your clothes are the closest to your skin. Launder them regularly.
  • If you have to travel, properly examine every single item in your luggage- when you leave and when you come back as well. If you travel too much, always check the hotel rooms especially the beds and the furniture.
  • Expecting overnight guests? Be the best hosts, but, inspect their belongings properly before storing them in your wardrobes.
  • When a new bedding or a new piece of furniture arrives, forget the excitement and check for any visitors that might be accompanying it because sometimes the trucks carrying the new piece of furniture might be infected already or might be carrying someone else’s old infected furniture. You just should not have to pay the price.
  • Fill/seal all the gaps at your home where bedbugs can possibly hide. Small crevices in walls or a few cracks in furniture can serve these insects the best.

"If prevention was not enough to get these dangerous creeps out of your life, and still they continue to annoy you even after you took the best of preventions, know that the time has come for the cure."


If the attack is to a small extent, perhaps you can use some dirty techniques to get rid of bed bugs. Here are some ways to get rid of bed bugs at home:

High temperature:

A heat treatment is very effective as far as a bed bug infestation is concerned. A room has to be exposed for at least 2 hours to a temperature of almost 60 degree Celsius which kills any eggs or bedbugs. Clothing and bedding should be exposed to hot water for at least 15 minutes to kill any infections.

Low temperature:

Long exposures to cold temperatures can also kill bedbugs. A zero or a sub-zero temperature kills bed bugs in 10 days or less.


These are especially useful in terminating bed bugs from furniture and beds. Bed Bug interceptors are small plastic trays which are put under bed and furniture legs in order to trap those bedbugs which try to climb down to the floor surface.


Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets and other fabrics to eliminate any traces of bedbugs or their eggs. Inspect the vacuum cleaner contents later and dispose them off properly.


Once you get rid of bed bugs from your stuff by washing or cleaning, put it in a case to prevent any further exposure to these. Mattresses and pillows especially should be kept closed to prevent any entry or exit routes for bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth:

Spreading this powder around your room can be very helpful. It is totally nontoxic and can be easily purchased from any local stores.

The Last Resort

If the bed bug attack is huge and none of the above remedies work, then the last thing you can do is to use pesticides. The above remedies may or may not work and they are time consuming and difficult. Using pesticides is the most effective remedy to control bed bugs.
However, while using pesticides one has to be very careful as these pesticides are made up of harsh chemicals which can adversely affect the health of humans. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can cause memory loss, reduced visual ability, altered mood or behaviour, reduced motor skills, asthma, allergies or even cancer.
The best and the most intelligent way to carry this practice out is seeking a professional help and services of experts i.e., pest control companies/ pest management professional. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call them and they will be at your service in a few

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